St. John now has a movie theatre, well kind of.

Every Friday at 7pm there will be a movie night at Susannaberg Ruins. Come and watch your favorites under the stars. Wine, beer and popcorn from a real popcorn machine is available!! So far they have been showing some great oldies and today (May 6th) they will be showing “Purple Rain” to honor the late great Prince. To check what is playing join their Facebook Group here.

St. John Movie Nights Susannaberg

Admission fee St. John Movie Nights

The is $10 per person, and all of the money goes to the Susannaberg Historical Foundation.

How to get to St. John Movie Theater

Starting from the roundabout take centerline road (the road that goes up next to the Dolphin market). Follow that road until you pass Tony’s luncheon van to the left and Paradise Lumber to the left, after that look for the sign you see above and make a left.