Thanks to the great work of it looks like the Summer’s End Marina is not going to happen. However,  a new Marina Project is in the pipeline, the Sirius Marina. This time it is a project by Sirius Development, LLC, also known as T-REX, proposed for development on lands owned by the Moravian Conference. It is a proposal for a Marina, Hotel and Resort.

The project proposed by Sirius is located on the Coral Bay ball field and on land behind Skinny Legs restaurant, behind the Coral Bay fire house, and behind the Guy Benjamin school. Their stated goal is to build an 89 room hotel and marina complex with associated retail amenities. Since the land on which the hotel is to be located is not zoned for hotel use, the developers have made the unusual decision to file an application for the marina with the Army Corps of Engineers before receiving any local authorizations. Although perfectly legal, this route is very unusual.

The marina is proposed as a 92 slip project, built using precast floating concrete docks. It will require 420 pilings for the fixed main pier and guide piles for the floating sections. In addition to the 92 wet slips (including side-ties), the project proposes a “dry slip” boat garage. To support all of this marine infrastructure in the shallow waters of north Coral Bay Harbor, the developers are requesting permission to dredge approximately one acre of sea bottom to a depth of -6 feet.

Read the full information about the Sirus Marina here.

While this project does not seem as outrages as the Summer’s End Marina, Save Coral Bay has a number of questions and concerns.

Check out an aerial view of the proposed Marina

Next steps and what you can do to get involved

1. Army Corps Public Notice & Comment Period

2. MONDAY JAN 11th – The Coral Bay Community Council will host a CBCC Forum on the development plans for the Moravian Church Conference Sirius (T-Rex) 

  • Monday, January 11th, at 6 to 7:30pm at the John’s Folly Learning Institute in Coral Bay, to give everyone a chance to learn more about the marina proposal in detail and its impacts — and to share your opinions with others in a fruitful discussion.  

  • There will be several short informal presentations about the marina plans, environmental impacts, economic and other factors. The developer will also be there to make a short presentation and answer questions. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion.

  • Please spread the word about this meeting Monday, Jan 11. Read up on the details at