Big news from today’s press conference.

Governor Bryan

“Recent infiltration of virus creates a big risk. While the current outbreak is in STT/STJ district it affects the whole territory.

We have already used STX resources to help with the STT / STJ outbreak, It is imperative that we stop the spread of the virus.

As we approach the hurricane season with expected 25 storms we cannot risk being in the midst of an outbreak.

This is not an easy decision. But we have come to a time where we have to make this decision”


Effective immediately

  • Hotels, airbnb, guest houses cease accepting new reservations for leisure travel for 30 days

Effective Monday August 17 territory goes back to Stay at Home phase orange

  • 6 AM Monday all non essential businesses closed for at least 2 weeks. “After 2 weeks we will assess number of active cases and make decision”.
  • Churches and schools closed.
  • All beaches closed on weekends at noon
  • Restaurant take out only.
  • Max 10 people in stores or gatherings exceptions large stores on St. Thomas

Effective August 19:

  • Effective August 19 no new check-ins for leisure travel for 30 days.

“We are closing the doors in order to stop the rampant spread. We need to take a break. We tried to balance economic needs but now safety comes first!”

“The goal of this order is stop all gatherings in the territory to see the numbers back down to a manageable level. All movement must stop! This is not a test! We have done this before and it proved effective in stopping the spread. Please do not take this lightly!”