July 20 Update

  • Total Cases St. John: 12
  • 7 Active Cases

Skinny Legs, Sam & Jacks, Tap&Still, Greengos have tested their staff and are back open.

No big news from todays press conference with the governor. He asks for patience for the existing measures (announced July 9th) to take effect and reminds everyone to wear a mask whenever within 6 feet or talking to someone that does not live in your household and to practice good hand hygiene.

Test results are now being checked at airport for incoming travellers (as per before for the states with 10% or higher test positivity rate)

If you have been in contact with someone who has covid-19 you should self quarantine for 14 days. If you are scheduled for testing you have to quarantine, stay at home and isolate from other family members. Do not leave houseĀ  until negative test result is received.

Important: Wait 3-5 days after potential exposure to get tested. Those who have been travelling should quarantine for 14 days before returning to work.

Quote of the day by Governor Bryan

“This is like a never ending hurricane”.

July 16 Update

No big news regarding covid-19 measures from governor’s press conference. He admitted there was a bottleneck on enforcement of covid-19 test upon arrival for the states with 10% or higher positivily rate on the first day this is being worked on and there is a website/app in the making where travelers can upload their tests. Other than that he talked about the measures at limetree bay, the senseless shooting of the 2 young adults last week and a tentative plan for school re-opening after labor day was discussed. more information on school opening

Current list of states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas

July 9 Update Covid-19 test requirements for visiting St. John, USVI

Big news from today’s press conference after a spike in cases in the USVI (currently 6 on St. John, 2 new cases, many more new cases on STX and STT, territory total 144)

negative Covid-19 test required for all states that have test positivity rate of 10% or more (data based on John Hopkins University). Effective July 15th. Test can be up to 5 days old and is required for age 15+. Current list of states: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas.

If no negative test is presented, self quarantine for 14 days or test upon arrival and quarantine until test negative. Antibody test max 4 month old works too.

Effective immediately all bars have to close. No alcohol sold after 11pm. Restaurants can continue to serve drinks but no counter service. Beaches close 4pm on weekends and holidays

2 more quotes from Governor Bryan today

“If you are with someone that does not live in your house, put on your mask! If you leave your house, put on your mask”

“When we opened back up for tourism on June1st, we never expected the US mainland to open back without masking!”