Another great thing to do on St. John is Paddleboarding. Whatever your interest or level of experience, St. John will have the perfect place to paddle for you and in times of a pandemic, paddleboarding is the perfect social distancing sport. You can learn to paddle in calm bays, intermediate paddlers can venture out to the Cays and experienced paddlers will find themselves in downwind heaven. From October-April there can be some decent surf, too.

Any one from 6 year old children to seniors can learn the basics of paddleboarding in about 2 hours. Only condition, you need to be a good swimmer and be able to get up from your knees to a standing position.


You can rent paddleboards or book a lesson with SUP St. JohnLucy who founded is an experienced paddler and ISA and ASI certified SUP Instructor as well as a SUP Yoga Instructor. She has taught hundreds of people how to paddle. In 2013, she circumnavigated St. John on her paddleboard, solo and unassisted.


Where to paddleboard on St. John

Good beaches for beginner paddleboarding include Maho, Francis, Hawksnest, Hurrilane Hole, Haulover Bay. Intermediates can paddle out to Whisling Cay, Salomon Beach or Waterlemon Cay.  You will find a complete overview over St. John Paddleboarding spots here.

Further information on paddleboarding on St. John

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