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Practical information for your trip to St. John, USVI. Cell phone service, what to pack and more

Worst Drought of the Decade on St. John, USVI – Save water

St. John and other Caribbean islands are struggling with a severe drought. The last proper rain (as in a whole day, night or weekend of rain) on St. John fell in February. Then virtually no rain at all until June… Continue Reading →

Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites! CHIKUNGUNYA OUTBREAK

Mosquitos are probably the single most annoying thing on the beautiful island of St. John. They are somehow meaner and leaner than back home, they approach you without you seeing or hearing them and the bites can be really itchy…. Continue Reading →

Sahara Dust is actually a good thing….

Every year, intense Saharan winds send enormous clouds of dust on a trans-Atlantic journey to the Amazon basin. This dust, much of it originating in an ancient lakebed in Chad, currently clouds the St. John sky, covers cars in fine… Continue Reading →

Climate & Weather – When to visit St. John

It is warm year-round on St. John. The average max temp. is 84-89°F, with August being the hottest month and Dec-Jan the coldest. The average min temp is 73°F-80°F. You will rarely need anything long, except for supermarkets, where it… Continue Reading →

Will my phone work on St. John, USVI?

You are traveling to St. John and are probably wondering Will my phone work on St. John? How is the phone reception on St. John and will my AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon phone work there? What will it cost… Continue Reading →

What to pack for the USVI

I always find it hard to pack for a place I am going for the first time, so here is a suggestion on what to pack for USVI. Comments and feedback are very welcome! What to pack for the USVI… Continue Reading →

Good to know…what most people wish they had known sooner

Sticky post

Some useful information about St. John. While it is a US territory and you do not need a passport travelling there from the mainland, a few things are different. St. John – Island Information Driving on St. John we drive… Continue Reading →

Getting to St. John, USVI

St. John in the US Virgin Islands has no airport and thank god no cruise ship dock. So, unless you have your own boat, you will have to fly into St. Thomas (STT) or Beef Island (EIS), Tortola, BVI and take… Continue Reading →

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