When you leave St. John, USVI you will most likely fly out of St. Thomas. If you ask us, STT is one of the most inefficient airports in the world? Why?

  • First you have wait in line at the curbside check-in counters, they weigh your luggage but you can’t check it in yet.
  • Next you have to fill out the US Customs and Border Immigration form and wait in line again to pass customs
  • After that, you will have to wait in line again (with your luggage) to put in on a conveyer belt
  • Then you will have to wait in line again to pass the TSA passport check and security screening

So, when leaving St. John, make sure you are at St. Thomas Airport at least 2 hours before your flight. If you are running late, you might be lucky and find that lady that can whisk you pass the lines for a fee of 20$.

Also, be careful not to fly out too early in the morning, there might not be a ferry out of St. John that is early enough, so you would have to spend your last night on St. Thomas