St. John is an island in the Caribbean Sea and a constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), an unincorporated territory of the United States. St. John is located about ninety miles east of Puerto Rico. St. John is four miles east of St. Thomas (the territory’s capital, Charlotte Amalie) and four miles southwest of Tortola, part of the British Virgin Islands.

St. John is the smallest and most relaxed of the US Virgin Islands. It is as near to perfection as a Caribbean Island can be. More then two thirds of the 20 square mile island are part of the National Park, that means they are protected from development. It is a strikingly beautiful island preserved in natural beauty.

No cruise ships stop on St. John, there is not a single traffic light on the island and there is no airport either. There is no McDonald’s, no Kmart, no Walmart and no movie theater. It is 50.8 km² (19.61 sq mi) in area with a population of 4,170.

Accommodation on St. John

You can stay at villas,  hotels & resorts, Inns and B&Bs, on boats or a campground. On St. John the choices are as wide as the panoramic views. The most popular choice however seems to be renting a villa. There are at least 20 villa rental companies on St. John, catering to every possible need.

Getting around

You would think that on such a small island (about 8 miles wide and 4 miles high) you can do everything by foot. But due to the hills, this is impossible. Your best option is to rent a car, a Jeep with 4WD, that is unless you stay directly in Cruz Bay where you can everything by foot. You will still somehow need to get the the beaches, the only beach in walking distance is Solomon, which is quite a hike.

Other than rental cars, you can jump onto Safari Taxis, Hitch a ride or take the Vitran Bus to Coral Bay. Or you have a boat or a sea kayak or paddleboard with which you can also get almost everywhere.

Will I get bored on St. John?

No, you will never get bored. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and the possibilities for activities on water and land are endless. Snorkeling, swimming, hiking, freediving, paddleboarding, diving, boating, kayaking, animal watching, running, tennis and so much more. Of course bringing some great holiday reads is always a good idea. For a list of great St. John Holiday reads, check this.