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Sahara Dust is actually a good thing….

Every year, intense Saharan winds send enormous clouds of dust on a trans-Atlantic journey to the Amazon basin. This dust, much of it originating in an ancient lakebed in Chad, currently clouds the St. John sky, covers cars in fine… Continue Reading →

Climate & Weather – When to visit St. John

It is warm year-round on St. John. The average max temp. is 84-89°F, with August being the hottest month and Dec-Jan the coldest. The average min temp is 73°F-80°F. You will rarely need anything long, except for supermarkets, where it… Continue Reading →

St John USVI Weather Forecast, Wave Forecast and Hurricane Forecast

We are often asked which are the best websites or apps with St. John USVI weather forecast, wind or wave forecast. Best St John USVI Weather Forecast Our voting is clear on that one: We us Weather Underground for St John USVI weather… Continue Reading →

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