We are often asked which are the best websites or apps with St. John USVI weather forecast, wind or wave forecast.

Best St John USVI Weather Forecast

Our voting is clear on that one: We us Weather Underground for St John USVI weather forecast. The forecast is so much better than the built-in forecast of the iphone for example and it has a great map feature, where you can also see rainy clouds approaching (big green blobs)

You can also download it as an app for your smartphone.

Best St John USVI Wind & Wave Forecast

We would recommend Windguru. The guys from  Rockhoppin’ Charters have defined customs spots for Reef Bay (South Shore) and Whisling Cay (North Shore)

St. John, USVI, Wind and Wave Forecast

Best St John USVI Surf Forecast

This is on Swellinfo.com which has a few St. John Spots

More information on Surfing St. John is here.

Wind Forecast

You can also check out www.windalert.com, they also have an Android and an iphone App.

Best St John, USVI Hurricane Watch Website

That is actually a Facebook Page run by some dedicated experts. It can be found here.