St. John accommodations choices are as wide as the panoramic views.

You can stay at villas, hotels or resorts, Inns and B&Bs, on boats or a campground. The most popular choice however seems to be renting a villa. There are at many villa rental companies on St. John, catering to every possible need.

While there are a quite a lot of waterfront properties, in most cases you will need a car to get to the most beautiful National Park Beaches on the North Shore. Direct access to white sand beaches is limited to very few villas in Peter Bay or the Caneel Bay Resort for example. But that is part of what makes St. John so special, that the National Park protects the island from over-development.

So, since you will most likely need a car to get to the beach and explore the island anyways, why not settle for a nice view or pool instead or rent something that is in walking distance of Cruz Bay, if you like to go out for a meal or a drink at night?


St. John Accommodations

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