Cistern empty? Need water? Call the Water Truck

Water Delivery St. John

  • (340) 514-3521 or (340) 776-2699
  • Pimpy’s water delivery: (340) 776-8189
  • Oasis water delivery: (340) 513-0150 or (340) 776-6720


Water Trucks on St. John

Except for a few places right in Cruz Bay most homes on St. John get their water from cisterns which are filled with collected rain water. If it has not rained in weeks, they will be empty and you can order water from a truck. One truck can hold 4000 gallons of water and that costs about 400-500$.  A fully loaded truck is obviously very heavy and the roads on St. John are steep.

You will see cars waiting at the bottom of a hill when a water truck is going up hill, that is smart, since it has happpend a few times that water trucks lost their brakes and came down rolling backwards…..