Salt Pond Beach at St. John’s East End is is not as easily accessible as the North Shore Beaches, so it has a slightly different feel to it, it is a long drive from Cruz Bay and a relatively long walk from the parking down to the beach, so it is usually much calmer and relaxed than beaches like Trunk Bay.


The beach is very long and spacious, the water is beautifully turquoise, there is great snorkeling. The water is always calm and flat, so it is great for swimming, windy days and small children. Facilities include BBQ, picnic tables and toilets. There are no restaurants or bars, so bring your own lunch and a coolbox.

Snorkeling Salt Pond Bay

The best snorkeling is along the rocky eastern coastline. The  beach that is often named “Best Snorkel on St. John” can be accessed by swimming along this coast toward the Blue Cobblestone Beach. There also is some nice snorkeling in the middle of the Bay where there are some rocks (quite a long swim, though)


Other Activities close to Salt Pond Beach

The climate at St. Johns East End is much hotter and dryer, so the fauna there is quite different, take some time to wander around and take in the beautiful plants like Turks Head Cactus (pictured above)


After a few very dry months like we had this year from February to June, Sea Salt can be harvested at Salt Pond, this is a great experience. Salt Pond also marks the start of 2 beautiful trails, the Drunk Bay Trail and the Ram’s Head Trail, a definite must do while on St. John.