Sushi lovers must be strong, The Dock that opened last year in the spot formerly occupied by Cafe Livin’ (Wharfside Village adjacent to High Tide and St. John Adventures) is no longer serving sushi but now offering Mexican Food. Check out the menu below.

Mexican Food Menue The Dock St. John


They also serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches from 5:30AM

Breakfast at The Dock

They now open at 5:30 am Monday-Saturday and 7am on Sunday! So this is the place to be for earlybirds who desperately need their morning coffee when everything else is still closed.

The Dock offers breakfast tacos, Deli Sandwiches, Breakfast sandwiches ready to go, and they do mean READY TO GO! A few charter companies like Rockhoppin’ Charters and Triumph Outdoor Adventures start their trips at High Tide so you can order your snacks for the day at The Dock while you fill out the customs forms. You can of course also pre-order the food when booking your charter then the captains will have the food ready for you.

B.O.B.S (Breakfast on a bun sandwich)

  • Sausage, egg and cheese
  • Bacon, egg and cheese
  • Egg and cheese

Breakfast Tacos

  • Bacon, egg and cheese
  • Sausage, egg and cheese
  • Ham, egg and cheese
  • Chorizo, egg and cheese
  • Refried bean, egg and cheese
  • Egg and cheese


Lunch Sandwiches

  • The Southdrop – Roast beef, pico, brie herbed mayo on long roll.
  • The Rudder – sliced turkey, sprouts, and boursin cheese on a ciabatta bun.
  • The Henley – Pepper jack cheese queso, sliced chicken on a long roll.
  • Italian – Prosciutto, black ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper oregano, oil and vinegar on a long roll.
  • Jay Ruben – Corn Beef, sour kraut, Gruyere cheese, house made thousand island on marble rye

And what about Sushi?

There are still plenty of options to eat Sushi on St. John

  • Sushi St. John (across the street from Woody’s in the space formerly know as “across the street)
  • The Longboard (across from connections)
  • and the all-time classic Caneel Bay Resort (serving beachfront sushi until 3pm)



Everything is still new and they will keep making changes and additions to their menu, you can follow them on Facebook here.